About Us

We believe in, “Serve for poor, needy and distressed, treating them as the manifestations of Lord Shiva.” A prolonged disparity in our socio-economical status is eye boggling. Poor is getting poorer and rich is getting richer. Huge discrimination in the harmonic distribution of wealth exists in every aspect of life. Our small endeavor is to serve for this outnumbered, gradually waned out class of people below poverty line by helping them in some core sectors, mainly Food, Education and Health. It is also our dream to make mother Earth green, clean and beautiful. We believe in the equal rights of all living creatures in the resources of mother Earth. As a result we want to protect the other flora & fauna of this world as well, along with the human beings. To achieve all these great objectives to some extent, our organization started its journey on 15th date of May 2020. However we are not motivated by any particular color or political party or religion or race. We do for needy and distressed irrespective of all these. Moreover we want to light up higher education and latest technological knowledge among the budding underprivileged, economically backward, meritorious students.

Our Team


Er. Tirtha Tarun Adhikari

Founder & Secretary

Er. Vaskar Mitra

Asst. Secretary


Er. Kasturi Basu

Executive Member 1

Sreejan Guha

Executive Member 2


Er. Anindita Chatterjee

Executive Member 3

Jayasree Pal

Executive Member 4

Our Education Cell


Ranojoy Neogi

Educationist 1

Sayani Deb

Educationist 2


1. Please donate for Amphan affected people in a large part of South Bengal.

2. Please donate for COVIT-19 affected poor, needy people and migrant labors.